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Risk Analysis & Management

Within Your ErgoSuite, risk is managed through ErgoSuite’s unique Risk Logic Engine using Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.

  • LogicEngine

    Clients fully control this, at many levels, at the Risk Tolerances page
    (shown at right) of their Administration Console.

    Typically, clients start with the system defaults as they accumulate live baseline data over the first six to twelve months and then perhaps adjust the Risk Logic Engine as desired to precisely reflect their risk tolerances and culture according to their unique business rules.

    ErgoSuite provides a simple formidable platform where clients can very easily leverage their priceless data residing in their ErgoSuite Data Warehouse using Exposure Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Trend Analysis and Risk Prioritization all by individuals or by any groups…

    Computer-use risk factors, or hazards, covered include awkward posture, recovery time, force, repetition, duration, contact stress, environment, optics and more…

ErgoSuite employs a data-driven Risk Modeler designed simply as a bottom-up accumulator enabling reporting, analysis and alerting at many levels:


Risk Areas are logical groupings of individual risk factors or hazards. Each Risk Area provides, in the least, an Interactive Main View, Reports and Analyses.

There are a number of primary Risk Areas within ErgoSuite, each of which is comprised of a variety of Risk Factors or hazards. In this way, each Risk Area is summarized through being represented by a weighted multi-variable composite index value.

Designed to enhance ad-hoc Investigative Analysis, each Risk Area View provides a drill-down capability so when you’re reviewing some high level risk perspective you can click on areas of interest to review at a deeper level for more granular information. Quite a few levels are available including where you can start by looking at your organization’s current Risk Trend Analysis and drill down through various levels to explore the Risk Factors which contribute to the Risk Area, departments, locations and even down to individual employee metrics to see what drives the macro numbers.

Clients have complete control of the model where they can establish their unique Risk Tolerances and Risk Weightings per Risk Factor and then also again at the macro Risk Area level when conducting analyses such as Overall Risk Analysis and Risk Trend Analysis.


    An example Break Utilization View is shown to the
    right. Risk prioritization by individuals and groups is available with the click of a button:

Employing a very simple, effective and straightforward model, risk is aggregated by risk factor by period by employee and by grouping such as departments or locations:

  • RiskTrends

    Easily examine Overall Risk over time:

    • Who’s improving?
    • Who’s in need of assistance?
    • Who’s trending towards high risk?
    Harness the full power of multi-variable composite indexing and regression analysis and develop insights considering: Risk Recency, Risk Growth and Risk Severity.

    You control the model.

With one click, determine how are risk is distributed within your organization as it changes over time. Easy powerful analytical capability is important, however, clients very much enjoy the result of designating risk threshold triggered alerts where ErgoSuite automatically alerts appropriate staff based on their business rules and risk tolerances when conditions satisfy the risk alert:


Easily track and report on your Office Ergonomics Program’s effectiveness and progress week to week and month to month over time:

I’m Learning, Tell Me More…

One of the remarkable characteristics of ErgoSuite is its unique ability to learn from your interacting with it over time. As you add your Business Rules, Risk Tolerances and Trigger Events over time, ErgoSuite adapts and reflects your intentions on how the enterprise system should function, and how it should alert appropriate staff in certain scenarios and how it should interpret your world and prioritize risk within the organization for action.

Is this risky or bleeding edge rocket-science?

Of course not. The exact same techniques have been successfully utilized for decades by the insurance industry and equities brokerage firms to manage insurance premium risk and asset portfolio risk, respectively, including Risk Modeling and Trend Analysis.

With ErgoSuite, you can easily harness that power and stay ahead of the risk curve.

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