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In our May 2020 article: EHS, Workers’ Comp and The Post-Pandemic Riskscape,  we examine three converging areas: (1) Telecommuter Safety Risk Management, (2) Workers’ Compensation Claims and (3) the Post-Pandemic Riskscape ahead.   In addition to the evolving Riskscape, we examine the March 2020 report by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (status of the largest pre-pandemic employer of telecommuters in the world) and Telecommuter Workers’ Compensation through recently published Industry guidance.

Setting Up Telecommuters – Three Steps

A March 26, 2020 article in Risk & Insurance Magazine sums up the “why” regarding telecommuting ergonomics 5 Ways Ergonomics Can Help Improve Coronavirus Telecommuting“Employers should realize that in order to maintain productivity and the health and safety of their employees, they need to provide whatever information or tools or resources are necessary to help…”

Consistent “Telecommuter Setup Steps” have clearly emerged during recent calls with clients who are working to extend their facility-based health and safety net to their new telecommuters working from home. Due to the thigh variability of environment, furniture and equipment used by employees in their homes, the focus includes three long-standing Best Practices:

Office Ergonomics Training – During web-based training, assist the employee with ergonomic setup (or tune up) of their home office workstation and explain the basic ergonomic Best Practices including working in neutral postures, pacing oneself during work and moving periodically to reduce static postures. Available in ErgoSuite or separately as a stand-alone plug-in for Learning Management Systems (LMS). Takes minutes to add to an LMS and employees can immediately start benefiting from it from home. Includes printable comprehensive Telecommuter Checklist for set up or tune up of any home office workstation.

Ergo Self-Assessment – Remotely gather a baseline of important ergonomic information about the employee’s home office workstation. Reinforce the Office Ergonomics Training course. Provide employees with a personalized report including a checklist of recommendations to address identified issues. Document employee responses and completion of the self-assessment. Score and rank responses. Notify EH&S of threshold-exceeding self-assessments for review.

Behavioral Coaching – Reinforce the desired employee behaviors of “working in neutral postures”, “pacing while working” to provide recovery time (stretching, microbreaks and sit/stand breaks) and “moving about periodically” to reduce harmful static postures – especially needed in challenging home office environments. The simple, achievable and objectively measurable objective is for employees to learn to make good ergonomics behaviors automatic over time. Anyone can.

Office Ergonomics LMS Training Course – Office and Telecommuter

Many organizations are taking an immediate, simple and comprehensive step of adding the ErgoTutor Office Ergonomics Training eLearning Course as an effective immediate plug-in for their own Learning Management Systems.

This is a comprehensive SCORM 1.2 compliant eLearning course in Office Ergonomics and is available to employees within minutes after loading into your LMS which takes a few minutes. It can quickly be customized in unlimited ways if required and includes a comprehensive Home Office Setup and Tune Up Checklist.

Designed for both the facility-based worker and home-based telecommuter, this LMS-based training course assists the employee with ergonomic setup of their workstation and explains the basic ergonomic Best Practices including working in neutral postures and pacing oneself while working on their computer.

Web-based or Desktop Next Generation Office Ergonomics Software

Being safe is not the absence of accidents, it’s the presence of defenses.

Employers around the globe, with 50 employees to 150,000 employees using ErgoSuite every day, trust in and rely on ErgoSuite.

Designed to manage Risk Evolution, our widely-used software solutions are leveraged by top employers in their sectors who understand that after workstation assessment, improvement and awareness training, sustainable success depends on employee behaviors.

You obviously don’t want to distract your employees and attempt to turn them into part-time ergonomists.
Instead, you can provide web-based or desktop ErgoSuite to your employees, enjoy their positive reaction, measure the results and move on to other challenges while ErgoSuite empowers them through expert gentle behavioral coaching into being more comfortable, working at a lower risk profile and being more productive.

Join The World’s Most Successful Companies

Clients tell us that ErgoSuite’s widespread success is due to how it empowers employees with easily understandable self-managed tools which employees can understand and use to improve their workstation
and begin forging new long-term automatic behaviors.

Beyond that, ErgoSuite is a highly-integrated, scalable and sustainable solution where you can simply utilize any individual components or the complete solution:

    – Remotely and effortlessly amass an organizational baseline of rich office ergonomic data.

    – Load your own professional assessments or self-assessments or use our built-in models.

    – Empower employees through individually-personalized improvement suggestions.

    – Automatically identify higher risk employees for further action if warranted.

    – Provide comprehensive Office Ergonomics Training helping employees improve their workstation.

    – Empower employees with ErgoSuite’s trusted desktop point-of-use behavioral coaching tools.

    – Leverage ErgoSuite’s trusted EHS Reporting & Analysis, Big Data Mining, Case Management, etc…

Use The Complete Solution or Just The Tools You Require

Customization?   None of our clients live in a one-size-fits-all world.  They tell us that we stand unique in custom-fitting ErgoSuite to any organization as required.

  • Our formula is simple: Our success begins with your success.

    We appreciate your time and interest.

Your ErgoSuite: Corporate-Grade Next Generation Office Ergonomics Software

  • eLearning Ergonomics Training
  • Real-time Behavioral Training
  • Microbreak & Postural Coaching
  • Workstation Assessment
  • Postural Assessment
  • Discomfort Assessment
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Risk Modeling, Trend Analysis
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Ergonomics Case Management
  • Business & Safety Logic Engines
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Centralized Management
  • Nearly 400 Risk Metrics
  • 100% Customizable
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Simple Implementation