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Simple Effective Documents Management

Designed for the busy EH&S Professional, or team of EH&S Professionals, ErgoSuite further supports your Ergonomic Process through the fully integrated Document Management system which is a facility to maintain a Repository of Documents (library) created during interactions and interventions with employees.

Documents are uploaded to your ErgoSuite Administration Console with the click of a button and in effect are attached to individual employees thereby further streamlining and centralizing information relating to interactions and interventions with employees.


Documents may be of any type from any platform, including but not limited to these common types:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF – A common format for many documents such as forms, letters, reports, etc…

  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets – The popular spreadsheet program.

  • Images, Pictures – Digital pictures and images of any format may be added. For example, add pictures of employees’ workstations within your facilities and also for remote telecommuters.

  • Microsoft Publisher – The popular publishing platform.

  • Videos – Add videos for employees. For example, your employee can send you a video of their home office workstation which you can upload attach directly to the employee’s information within ErgoSuite.

  • Microsoft Word Documents – Letters, forms and any other materials which have been produced within Microsoft Word can be added to employee information within ErgoSuite.

  • Audio Files – MP3, WAV and all other audio files can be attached directly to employee information within ErgoSuite. For example, voicemails and verbal notes or messages can be added.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations – Add presentations created for employees such as orientation slide shows or any other supporting documents directly to the employee’s information within ErgoSuite.

  • ErgoSuite Emails – ErgoTutor Invitations and Targeted Emails dispatched to groups or individual employees are saved within ErgoSuite’s new document repository per employee.

  • Microsoft Visio Documents – The popular diagraming and layout program. For example, it’s easy to create workstation/office layout diagrams with Visio in minutes which can be attached to employee information directly within ErgoSuite.

  • Package Files – It’s common today to utilize “packaging and compression” programs such as ZIP and RAR to organize, store and deliver documents. All package file formats are supported for inclusion in ErgoSuite.

There is no limit to the number of documents which may be attached to any employee. With proper authority, documents may be edited or deleted.

Streamlined And Centralized Document Management

Easily storing and sharing relevant documents can reduce workloads tremendously for busy EH&S Professionals.

As just one example, if you attach documents to Managed Cases (employee interaction and intervention tracking), then when any colleague of yours contributes to the case or otherwise interacts with the employee and updates that Managed Case, then all concerned contributors/owners are notified in email:


Some clients are using ErgoSuite’s new Document Management features with Case Management to streamline and centralize the equipment purchase process related to office ergonomics:

  • An EH&S Professional performs a workstation assessment and determines that the employee will greatly benefit from adding a keyboard tray.

  • A recommendation for an appropriate keyboard tray is made and the related forms are attached to the employee’s data in ErgoSuite along with a simple workstation layout/floorplan.

  • The appropriate person in purchasing is added to the distribution list and now has all that is needed to close the loop.

  • When the keyboard tray is purchased, the purchaser can update the Managed Case very quickly and all concerned or involved with the project are automatically notified.

  • When the keyboard tray arrives, an installation is scheduled and again everyone is easily notified through a Managed Case Update Email.

  • When the installation is complete, then again anyone involved is notified and the Managed Case is marked “closed” or resolved and comes off of the Open Items List.

Many clients have widely varying procurement processes and so the above very well may not represent your organization’s process, however, ErgoSuite’s Document Management does not require any particular type of process and can therefore adapt to perfectly fit “your” process with a little thought and planning.

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