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General Assessments: Effective Employee Surveying

General Assessments is a personalized workstation assessment module gathering important information on the employee’s overall circumstances while using the computer.

There are two primary assessment tools within ErgoSuite:

  • Workstation Assessments – Within the ErgoTutor eLearning Tool, employees complete a full workstation assessment at the start of the course. It takes a minute or two. Then as they learn about office ergonomics, as it’s relevant to them personally, they adjust and improve their own workstation as guided by the course. This is action-based learning which is widely acknowledged as being the most effective towards forming long-term memory – short of the most effective “repetitive positive reinforcement” as delivered in ErgoCoach.

    After taking the course and improving their workstation, employees complete a post-course workstation assessment where they can show where they’ve resolved issues and improved their workstation. In addition, if any workstation difficulties remain unresolved, your EH&S staff, or anyone you designate, will automatically be notified and the platform will maintain these as unresolved issues until solved. Nothing is missed.

  • General Assessments – Over time, clients have asked us to provide a general employee survey which contains the most important additional things EH&S staff want to know about the employee prior to making contact to help and address issues. General Assessments provides a simple effective vehicle which gathers exactly these additional things so the EH&S staff can be best prepared and plan the intervention or visit.

    Greatly useful information is gathered including work-use versus home-use, ergonomic equipment used if any, computer and input devices, type of work performed,computer skills, and more.

As required by clients with mobile employees and telecommuters, General Assessments does not require a full-time internet connection. For compliance and best practice purposes, this tool is available 24/7 to employees regardless of their current location or circumstance (e.g. telecommuters, off-site, traveling, etc…).

General Assessments utilizes a series of very simple pages where the entire assessment takes about one minute for an employee to complete. Below are some sample pages:


General Assessments, when used within the platform, is seamlessly integrated with ErgoSuite’s other employee tools.

Another usage option provides where ErgoCoach can automatically further adjust to each employee’s individual circumstances based upon their responses to General Assessments questions. That is, of course, another layer in addition to how ErgoCoach otherwise models employee behavior to provide coaching only where needed.

General Assessments, when used within the platform, is also seamlessly integrated within ErgoSuite’s Management Tools including Reporting, Risk Analysis, Modeling, Key Performance Indicators, Logic Engine and more.

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