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Discomfort Assessments: Effective Early-Warning System

Discomfort Assessments provide employees with an irreplaceable easily-available opportunity to share non-reportable small issues early before they become complex costly injuries. This identifies non-reportable pre-injury discomfort to the health & safety staff where they might otherwise not be aware of it. The entire process of initiating a Discomfort Assessment takes an employee literally about two seconds unless adding comments.

As required by clients with mobile employees and telecommuters, a full-time internet connection is not required. For compliance and best practice purposes, this tool is available 24/7 to employees regardless of their current location or circumstance (e.g. telecommuters, off-site, traveling, etc…).

Discomfort Assessments contribute to ErgoSuite’s early risk warning system enabling health and safety professionals to identify and address symptoms at the earliest observable stage.

Clicking on one or more body areas presents a clear discomfort scale where employees can elaborate on the severity of their discomfort and add comments:


Am I Going To Be Buried In Discomfort Assessments?

No, and knowing that you’re new to the platform we completely understand the concern. There are several important thoughts here:

  • First, we have deep experience with clients regarding Discomfort Assessments usage by employees. With our proven methodology, you will be 100% fully comfortable before you start that the floodgates of discomfort will not deluge you. The answer is the same no matter if you have 50 employees or 150,000.

  • Next, we need to clarify your position on discomfort.  Do you want to know?

    Yes, of course!  Clearly, you understand Office Ergonomics and the pathology of a MSD. Beyond all of the good reasons gleaned from hard science, when an employee shares a non-reportable pre-injury discomfort with you, or whomever is designated, they are opening a door and inviting you into their world – at precisely the time when you want to meet them.

    Now, you have the opportunity to identify risk and mitigate that risk before it grows over time within the pathology of an injury to become a high-cost difficult issue to turn around.

  • In fact, the most accurate way to consider discomfort is as a lagging indicator of posture and pacing behaviors and, at the same time, a “leading indicator” of injury risk.

  • Also, Discomfort Assessments is a part of your larger ErgoRisk Radar which gets established with ErgoSuite. Beyond individual employee uses, Discomfort Assessments will greatly enhance your ability to identify larger patterns and identify emerging trends before they escalate into serious threats to your organization’s risk.

Discomfort Assessments, when used within the platform, is seamlessly integrated with ErgoSuite’s other employee tools.

Discomfort Assessments, when used within the platform, is also seamlessly integrated within ErgoSuite’s Management Tools including Reporting, Risk Analysis, Modeling, Key Performance Indicators, Logic Engine and more.

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