Your ErgoSuite

  • New clients are up and running with web-based or desktop ErgoSuite within minutes. The best comparison is your new car. Although there’s sophisticated engineering and technology involved, you simply put your foot on the gas pedal and drive away. Later on, you can utilize more and more of the car’s features based on your evolving needs.

Your ErgoSuite tracks well to that model where, by design, it must (1) safely and reliably help you get to where you want to go, (2) be highly efficient and cost-effective to operate, and (3) be fun and a delight to use.

Explore The Tools For Employees – First, empower your most valuable resource, your employees, with the clear and effective training and gentle effective web-based or desktop tools they can use to easily begin practicing good ergonomics automatically, mitigate inflammation, fatigue, discomfort and injury risk:

    • Action-based eLearning Training – Employees learn and improve their office and home workstations step by step while learning in this complete, goal-oriented interactive tool…

    • Behavioral Training: Stretching, Microbreaks & Posture – Leverage Applied Behavioral Analysis within seamlessly blended tools so employees will make good ergonomic behaviors automatic…

    • Workstation & Postural Assessment – Complete and easy self-assessment with individualized immediate personalized feedback so employees can identify and address issues immediately…

    • Pre-Injury Discomfort Assessment – Identifying non-reportable small issues early before they become large costly and difficult-to-solve problems for both the employee and employer…
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    Personal Console | Ergo Self-Assessments | Ergonomics Resource Library
    Ergonomic Assistance Requests

    Explore The Tools For EHS, Risk Managers – Next, harness the power of automated central management to increase visibility and understanding of risk within ‘your’ organization. Leverage the priceless data residing in your ErgoSuite Data Warehouse using Exposure Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Trend Analysis and Risk Prioritization all by individuals or by any groups:

      • Automated Risk Factor Telemetry – Nearly 400 ergonomic risk metrics are observed, quantified, warehoused and available for every employee…

      • Risk Modeling, Analysis & Prioritization – Exposure Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Risk Trend Analysis and Risk Prioritization, all by individuals or groups …

      • Secure Centralized Remote Management – Web-based automatable Analysis, Reporting and Management tools available through secure Role-based Administration… Objectively measure and report on behavioral improvement…
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        Reporting & Analysis | Risk Analysis & Management | The Data Warehouse
        Key Performance Indicators | Customization | Secure Cloud or Local Server
        Case Management | Safety Compliance and Notification System
      The Document Repository | ES Pro Workstation Assessments

      Leveraging Successful Models

      The very same constructs embodied within ErgoSuite have been successfully utilized outside of ergonomics by insurance companies and equities brokerage firms for decades to manage and mitigate risk. When leveraging ErgoSuite, you can easily harness that power, stay ahead of the risk curve and neutralize tomorrow’s threats today.

      • ImproveMost likely, as evidenced by your reading this page visiting our website, you are open-minded, inquisitive and in search of excellence knowing that continuous improvement is always welcome in the lives of successful people. High-return cost-effective improvement, as it is delivered through ErgoSuite, is a rare opportunity today.

      Today’s adaptive employers recognize any reportable office environment CTD injuries as a symptom of a program which can be improved or accelerated. It does not mean that the Office Ergonomics program is ineffective since risk would be out of control without it; however, there is simply too much data available regarding how to identify and mitigate risks in their early stages to allow even a single reportable injury to materialize. We know that CTDs do not develop spontaneously like in the case of bone fractures. CTDs require time to develop where the pathology of an injury presents detectable markers at various stages. Within Office Ergonomics, reportable CTDs just should not happen today.

      Yes, the pathology of CTDs can be quite complex and many factors can weigh on the prognosis. Regardless of the complexity and origin of a developing CTD, early intervention is in the best interests of the employee and employer. With ErgoSuite you’ve extended your program’s capability to identify and neutralize risk at its earliest detectable stages. Within Office Ergonomics, reportable CTDs just should not happen today.

      • IcebergEvery week, more and more CFOs, COOs and HR executives are coming to acknowledge the iceberg analogy and how reportable injuries are also artifacts of a non-reportable, deeper much more expensive problem within organizations manifesting in Presenteeism, Absenteeism, Healthcare Over-Utilization and unnecessarily Lost Productivity. The next and perhaps most important question is: “What actions can we undertake to improve the situation?”

      Driving your reportable injuries to zero is only a first step, albeit important. If you’re responsible for Office Ergonomics EH&S, you can be a lever for bringing about very significant impacts to your organization – and you can immaculately document your success and impact in real dollars.

Your ErgoSuite: Corporate-Grade Next Generation Office Ergonomics Software

  • eLearning Ergonomics Training
  • Real-time Behavioral Training
  • Microbreak & Postural Coaching
  • Workstation Assessment
  • Postural Assessment
  • Discomfort Assessment
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Risk Modeling, Trend Analysis
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Ergonomics Case Management
  • Business & Safety Logic Engines
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Centralized Management
  • Nearly 400 Risk Metrics
  • 100% Customizable
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Simple Implementation