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Reporting & Analysis

Your ErgoSuite provides powerful and robust Reporting & Analysis tools so clients can manage and leverage their priceless data residing in their ErgoSuite Data Warehouse. The data-driven insights which clients attain from this powerful perspective are otherwise very costly and cumbersome to achieve without the platform.

Tabular reports, complex reports and a wide assortment of charts are available where all of the characteristics of any report, analysis and chart can be customized by Supervisors. All reports and analyses can easily be scheduled for automatic delivery to Supervisor’s phones and email on a regular basis.

While ErgoSuite provides an extraordinarily rich set of features within Reporting & Analysis, just a few samples are shown below:


ErgoSuite includes two main classes of Reporting & Analysis Tools which have various components within each. Automation and extensive customizations are available for every tool:

  • Base Reports: Divided among twelve main tools which represent the most commonly needed reports clients have identified over the years, the system provides for rapid report production where you simply identify what users to report on and for what time periods. Each base report is actually a class of reports in itself providing many options which produce completely different reports and charts within that class.

  • Research Analysis: Four main analysis classes provide for quite complex reporting requirements, research and analysis where you can specify any combination of the nearly 400 risk metrics available in ErgoSuite’s Data Warehouse. Just a few of the supported functions include: Complete Free-Flow Report Design, Data Mining Analysis, Graphical Analysis, Risk Analysis, Risk Trend Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Risk Prioritization Modeling, Decile Clustering Analysis and more.

All of the Reporting & Analysis tools provide actual sample reports, charts and analyses to depict potential results to enhance your experience. It’s as simple as taking a look through the Report & Chart Gallery and clicking on what you would like to see.

Creating unique customized reports and analyses beyond the customizable Base Reports and Analyses included in ErgoSuite is very easy and allows for combining any of the nearly 400 risk metrics to meet your needs. Yes, of course your organization’s logo can be used throughout the platform.

Customization of your chart-based reports begins with picking from among the 30 Default Chart Skins and then further personalizing a highly professional and engaging result.

The Next Level – Report Books

Beyond what we’ve described above, ErgoSuite offers Report Books where you can easily publish collections of reports in a single Report Book.

Any combination of Reports, Analyses or Graphical Reports can be easily included in Report Books which can also be easily automated for any delivery schedule to Supervisors or Management.

Of course, entire Report Books can also have data-driven triggers defined which will determine when and if they are sent. Clients tell us that the possibilities and uses are endless. It’s very easy.

Another Level – Data Mining Analysis

ErgoSuite offers extraordinary Data Mining Analysis tools where you can ask ErgoSuite Enterprise to research complex requests producing individuals and groups which satisfy your requirements. All of the nearly 400 risk metrics can be used in any combination for Data Mining Analysis.

Just a very small group of example common uses for these tools includes:

     Determine high risk situations:

    Which employees, locations, departments or other groups are at greatest risk today?
    Which groups are "trending" towards higher risk as defined by your metrics?
    What risk factors lead to discomfort, reduced productivity and potential injury in your organization?

     Measure compliance:

    Who's successfully complying with your established safety guidelines?
    Which groups and individual employees require assistance?

     Measure your health and safety program's success:

    What's working well?
    Where is improvement needed?
    What priority should be placed on different improvement opportunities?

     Measure the impact of change in your organization:

    How do changes in infrastructure, technology and facilities impact computer usage?
    Where is stress evident in the organization?
    What are typical work patterns within different groups?
    Identify atypical work patterns and their relationship to fatigue, discomfort and productivity.

     Measure leading indicators of fatigue, discomfort and injury:

    Determine which metrics within your organization correlate to potential injury.
    Which employees are trending towards increased risk?

     Measure the impact of ergonomics on productivity:

    How do pacing and posture impact fatigue and discomfort?
    How do fatigue and discomfort impact employee output and quality?
    What is the payroll cost (loss) of sub-optimal office ergonomics within your organization?

Another Level – Statistical Analysis

  • Observe So what does your organization’s data look like? It’s a great question to explore upon accumulating a baseline of data for your organization. It’s actually a valid question to ask on many occasions.

  • ErgoSuite offers Statistical Analysis tools where you can gain insights to how the employee population looks (or any Department, Location or Grouping) by any of the nearly 400 risk metrics available in the platform.

    You can also combine ErgoSuite’s Data Mining Analysis and Statistical Analysis to perform Decile Clustering Analysis. In simple words, one use is to measure discomfort and/or fatigue correlated to recovery time or microbreaking. You can precisely measure this and much more if you’re interested. You can also employ Decile Clustering Analysis to rapidly identify very subtle emerging trends well in advance of when they will become major issues for you. You can easily and regularly identify tomorrow’s threats today.

    There’s more, and we didn’t even touch on Graphical Analysis and some additional tools, but we’ve exceeded our intended length for this web page, so please contact us for a demo anytime to gain a first-hand perspective of the platform.

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