ErgoSuite’s Management Tools – Key Performance Indicators

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Key Performance Indicators

Your ErgoSuite provides clear effective management and reporting of organizational goals through Key Performance Indicators.

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a visual cue that communicates the amount of progress made toward a goal. KPIs are commonly used by organizations to evaluate their success or the success of a particular activity in which they are engaged.

ErgoSuite makes it a very simple process to establish monthly KPIs for the entire Enterprise and for any Departments and/or Locations assigned to Supervisors, Managers, or Team Leads.


A clear graphical symbol depicts the status of the particular KPI for each month:

  •            KPIGreen      KPI is at or exceeds Goal level
  •            KPIYellow      KPI is between Warning level and Goal level   
  •            KPIRed      KPI is at or underperforms Warning level

It’s quite common among clients where automatic Monthly KPI Reporting is defined within ErgoSuite to present a clear picture on goal progress for the enterprise and also broken down by any groups.

  • EH&S StaffIn addition, EH&S and Risk Management staff often desire a more
    granular view perhaps establishing more frequent KPI Status Reports
    and Risk Threshold Alerts for staff to use in ensuring organizational
    goals are attained.

  • ErgoSuite enables you to establish as many KPIs as desired where you can freely choose among the nearly 400 risk metrics in ErgoSuite’s Data Warehouse.

    KPIs represent another of the many ways which ErgoSuite serves you as a largely automated platform alerting you when you’ve said you want to be alerted to conditions that warrant your attention so that you can resolve those conditions at their earliest discovery.

    Regardless of if you are one single person responsible for ergonomics for a population of employees or if you are a large organization where EH&S is responsible for the organization’s ergonomics globally delegating some functions to location managers, ErgoSuite provides a solid platform facilitating your needs.

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