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Case Management

Designed for the busy EH&S Professional, or team of EH&S Professionals, ErgoSuite further supports the Ergonomic Process through the fully integrated Case Management system which is a facility to maintain notes and records of interactions and interventions with employees.

Cases and Notes

A Case is simply a collection of related Notes made by one or more Administrators. There is no limit to
the number of notes within any one case and there is no limit to how many cases may be related to any employee. With proper authority, cases and notes may be edited or deleted. Issues can be organized in
many ways including by Issue Category. Issue Categories are initially provided in a default set which you
can customize through adding as many Issue Categories as required by your organization.

Tickets are presented for any group of employees, each containing one or more notes:

         Case Management

By clicking the expand button, note details are displayed for any case(s):

         Case Management

Visiting employees? Next time, bring your iPad or Tablet PC and take some notes while you’re there:

         Case Management

Initial notes are shown in red for easy visual identification when reviewing open items. Of course, there
is a full set of new reports available for printing Managed Cases.

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