Corporate-Grade Next Generation Office Ergonomics Software

Being safe is not the absence of accidents, it’s the presence of defenses.

Employers around the globe, with 50 employees to 150,000 employees using ErgoSuite every day, rely on ErgoSuite.

Designed to manage Risk Evolution, our widely-used software solutions are leveraged by top employers in their sectors who understand that after workstation assessment, improvement and awareness training, everything depends on employee behaviors.

You obviously don’t want to distract your employees and attempt to turn them into part-time ergonomists. Instead, you can provide ErgoSuite to your employees, enjoy their positive reaction, measure the results and move on to other challenges while ErgoSuite empowers them through expert gentle behavioral coaching into being more comfortable, working at a lower risk profile and being more productive.

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First, simply empowering employees with ErgoSuite is a huge win to start – because you’re providing a unique solution which will immediately help employees improve their ergonomics and begin forging new long-term automatic behaviors.

Next, measure ErgoSuite doing what it does best and, when you’re ready for a next step, you’ll have invaluable solid data from your operations to effortlessly identify and neutralize constantly evolving risks, measure, report, prioritize and effectively act – before small problems become big issues.

Your ErgoSuite makes it very simple and straightforward.

Effective Empowerment and Risk Mitigation For Employees

ErgoSuite’s widespread success is due to how it empowers employees with easily understandable information and self-managed tools with which employees can understand and improve their workstation and their daily behaviors.

ErgoSuite provides employers with a unique and effective way to leverage technology to address potential issues related to technology use. 

Regardless of the high numbers of employees who will be able to identify and resolve their own issues, there will inevitably be some cases remaining where the help of an ergonomics professional is required to assist with performing a professional workstation assessment and improvement.   This is where ES Pro comes in.

Ergonomics Management And Workstation Assessments For The Most Demanding Professionals

ES Pro Workstation Assessments is a powerful and convenient tablet tool (e.g. iPad, Surface, Android, etc…) for professionals to use when performing workstation assessments for employees.  ES Pro is easily used on notebooks and laptops also.

ES Pro enables you to do much more in less time and produce great-looking professional reports which are easily understandable by employees. Already have your own assessment process flow you’re comfortable with?    ES Pro can adapt to your flow with ease so you can maintain your familiar routine.

ES Pro helps you simplify and streamline the workstation assessment process, centralizing the resulting consistently-structured information which is seamlessly integrated within your ErgoSuite Data Warehouse for reporting, analysis and case management follow-up.

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Your ErgoSuite: Corporate-Grade Next Generation Office Ergonomics Software

  • eLearning Ergonomics Training
  • Real-time Behavioral Training
  • Microbreak & Postural Coaching
  • Workstation Assessment
  • Postural Assessment
  • Discomfort Assessment
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Risk Modeling, Trend Analysis
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Ergonomics Case Management
  • Business & Safety Logic Engines
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Centralized Management
  • Nearly 400 Risk Metrics
  • 100% Customizable
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Simple Implementation